Women’s Initiative

Edmonton has a rich history of incredible, strong women who believed that they could make a difference in their world. Like my predecessors, (Click Here to Learn More about the Famous Five!) I want to encourage & empower women from all walks that they to have a voice in our city.

Women constantly & consistently use their voices to speak up for others, whether it’s advocating for their child in school, speaking up and ensuring quality care for sick family member, or just being a voice of encouragement and inspiration with a friend over coffee…so why not speak up and speak out and take an active role in transforming our communities.

Maybe you’ve been waiting for somebody to give you permission and say, “Your ideas are important, and your voice matters.” Well, let me be the first of many to say to you today, your ideas are important and your voice matters! Can you imagine a community, and City that created forums and opportunities for you to use your voice to make a positive impact in your community? We need everyone to speak up… you have a voice, and it’s your choice whether or not you are going to use it!

My hope is that through the Women’s initiative and WAVE, and including events like our Women’s symposium, that we are giving women an opportunity to voice their concerns and aspirations for our city and the issues we are facing.

Everyone has a voice….and it is our choice whether or not we use it. There are many places we can speak up but I want to use my voice to empower others to use their voice. Together we can build a strong community.

I look forward to hearing from you!

– Councilor Bev Esslinger