Shame On Us

There are heroes among us. Among our ranks are those who served as teachers, nurses, construction workers and military personnel. Others have raised families and have strengthened their communities through community leagues, sports, and religious organizations. They have raised funds and built playgrounds, community league buildings and have helped their neighbors. Today as they retire and get involved in our senior’s centers and organizations they support and encourage one another. They gather for fitness, education and to improve their health. They gather socially and host events that help others avoid isolation and improve their mental health.

We spend dollars to invest in preserving historical buildings but, what about the keepers of our history? How do we honour them? As a city what is our responsibility?

Today we have a mish mash of buildings that serve seniors. Some are brand new and very functional and others have poor accessibility and roofs. How do we provide an equity of service and access to seniors throughout our city? Is it up to the city or through partners? We need to answer the who and what in order to move forward.

The City is engaging seniors to help answer these questions as part of the Senior’s Centres of the Future. Please speak up! We need your input and we need to find the right way to serve our seniors.