Family Violence

Family violence impacts everyone, not just the victims and the perpetrator. It has been said that family violence doesn’t discriminate; it’s not limited to a particular economic or cultural segment. It affects us all.

The repercussions are emotional, physical, financial and spiritual.  It destroys people’s sense of wellbeing and safety at home, work and in the community.  

There is a significant ripple effect in the workplace and the community.  It is a pervasive social issue, but there is hope and we all have a role to take. Social change doesn’t happen overnight; it’s going to take time and collective effort.  

The statistics are sobering:

  • Alberta has the second highest rate of self-reported spousal violence
  • Women continue to report more frequently than men experiencing family violence
  • Annually the Government of Alberta spends $65 million on crisis services

 ( Family Violence Hurts Everyone: A Framework to End Family Violence in Alberta)

The City of Edmonton, along with its community partners, has a long history of

being an integral part of family violence prevention. This effort was strengthened in 2015 when City Council approved the Gender-based Violence and Sexual Assault Prevention Initiative.  At that time, we pulled together key stakeholders and what we heard has guided efforts over the last four years. The goals were clear in:

● Reducing domestic violence and sexual assault in Edmonton.

● Creating awareness of, and increase understanding of gender based violence

● Engaging key stakeholders  and those with lived experience including leaders from educational institutions, non-profit organizations, all orders of government and the private sector to be involved in identifying ways of building awareness and knowledge to all demographics on the issues and impacts of gender based violence.

● Identifying ways to engage men and boys about their role in ending gender based violence in our community.

Our aim is to make the city safer for women and girls in all their diversity.  This will create a city that is safe for all. 

It’s Time Edmonton has been working to build awareness and start conversations. This is being achieved through several projects:

  • This Is What It Feels Like 
  • Edmonton Safe City – a partnership with United Nations Women and Government of Alberta (Culture, Multiculturalism and Status of Women)
  • Coasters for Consent
  • SafeCityYEG

You are part of the solution. Learn more at:

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